Our Expertise

Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy

The risk of trauma when practicing sport or physical activity is real. Most injuries to athletes are non-surgical but some more serious injuries that are found in more traumatic sports activities, including sports like rugby, AFL, boxing or netball require surgical intervention.

Arthrex has a wide range of products that are used in the surgical repair of athlete trauma, including arthroscopic surgery. Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical technique allowing the surgeon to make a small incision in order to insert a rigid optical fiber into the joint that is connected to a high-resolution camera making it possible to visualize all the anatomical structures of the joint.

Miniaturised instruments are then introduced through the small incisions to treat the structures of the joint that require them (ligaments, menisci, cartilages, bones). Arthroscopy makes it possible to see inside a joint to either take samples or to perform certain surgical procedures.

Distal Extremities and Traumatology

Distal extremities including the foot, ankle, hand and wrist are limbs that are first to interact with the environment and are often prone to injury. Their complexity requires fine and precise surgery and medical devices that are specific to small joint repairs as well as reconstruction of ligaments and bone surgery. Arthrex offers orthopedic and trauma surgeons a comprehensive range of implants and instruments based on cutting edge technologies to treat different pathologies.

Traumatology is a part of the surgery that treats fractures, acute ligament and musculotendinous ruptures as well as joint deformities occurring during an accident (trauma). Arthrex is continuously expanding its range of trauma implants and instruments, offering surgeons the latest innovations in terms of plates, screws, sutures and orthobiological products.


Arthrex develops orthobiological products that involve the use of natural biological substances, such as matrix support materials, cells, or proteins to help repair bone, cartilage, tendon, or ligament tissue. Orthobiological solutions include a wide range of technologies including Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), which is a product derived from the blood which after centrifugation allows the separation of the various blood components according to their density. The aim of this therapy is to obtain a high amount of growth factors and inject them into the injured site in order to accelerate tissue regeneration.

Arthrex's orthobiological product range includes several methods for repairing various types of tissue. Arthrex provides a fast and secure system to make it easy for physicians to offer PRP injections. Arthrex has developed three types of injectable solutions which cover the different aspects of the triad of the healing process essential for tissue regeneration. These treatments combine the advantages of growth factors with the benefits of a matrix support material or of regenerative cells. These injectable therapies accelerate tissue regeneration, decrease pain in patients and improve their ability to move.

Imaging and Resection

The Synergy System, a 3-in-1 console, is an imaging management camera system that redefines the range of possibilities offered by a video column in an operating room. To obtain the best image possible, it incorporates the latest technological advances in terms of LED light source, image management system and video processor that is controlled by a touch pad.

Arthrex's Synergy Surgeon app provides surgeons with simple tools to manage intraoperative photos and videos and optimise patient information. Using a tablet, surgeons can review the images and videos of the operation, improve, and annotate the images, cut out video sequences and send them instantly in a report for patients or colleagues.

Arthrex offers a comprehensive range of accessories associated with the consoles including arthroscopes, laparoscopes, pumps and shavers and can provide additional lighting, arms, modular walls, partitions, laminar flow ceilings, printers, video trolleys, sterilisation boxes and monitors.

Shoulder Arthroplasty

The Arthrex Shoulder Arthroplasty suite offers intuitive, data-driven designs to treat osteoarthritis, posttraumatic arthritis, rotator cuff arthropathy, and fracture management for anatomic and reverse total shoulder replacement.

Restoring patient's natural shoulder motion has never been more straightforward. Our complete offering of anatomic implants has been engineered to accurately reconstruct the anatomic center of rotation and restore normal biomechanics and kinematics.

For patients that require reverse shoulder replacement, we offer a modern in-lay system that employs design elements that produce improved stability and impingement-free range of motion.

Advanced glenoid pathology requires expert decision making and precise surgical execution. The CT-based VIP™ planning software offers reliable data to make decisions, plan surgery, and execute the patient's plan.


Arthrex Vet Systems is a division of Arthrex dedicated to Helping Veterinarians Treat Their Patients Better™. We have developed hundreds of products that are specifically designed to improve the overall treatment and care for dogs, cats and horses including cartilage repair, ligament stabilisation and orthobiological treatments. Arthrex Vet Systems develops products and solutions in close collaboration with renowned veterinary surgeons and offers comprehensive training programs for veterinarians.